Adrenalin 4X4. This off-road experience will start gently, but finish at race-pace!


Adrenalin 4X4 Off-Road Package

This off-road experience will start at a gentle, sedate pace… adrenalin at 5mph, but finishes at race-pace with a passenger ride never to be forgotten.

As with all our courses, risk assessing the route by walking each section prior to driving, is an important part of your experience so please wear warm, weather proof clothes & stout boots or shoes.

4×4 off-road racing is growing in popularity, but it’s an activity that is difficult for the public to experience, so we are offering you the opportunity to sample an adrenalin filled passenger ride with one of our instructors who currently competes in off-road comp safari championships.

NB: Weight & Height Restrictions Apply

For more information please call 01594 834 666




Building confidence in off-road techniques

You’ll be negotiating terrain which can be slippery, undulating & at times steep. An instructor will be in the front passenger seat as you build in confidence, & practice your off-road techniques. Using low range gears together with skilful, precision off-road driving you will be amazed at what these standard 4×4’s are capable of.


Step into the world of off-road racing

To complete your off-road experience you will be invited to take a passenger seat in our off road racer and briefly step into the world of Off Road Comp Safari Racing. This is not for the faint hearted, it’s rough, fast & furious!


3…2…1…Go !

Once you are comfortably seated with helmet & full harness tightened the count-down will begin 3.2.1.Go. Terrain previously tackled at 2mph disappears at the blink of an eye as our 4.6litre V8 roars & flies across the ground. Get ready for take-off, leaping over bumps & ridges pausing briefly on landing only to take off again while you experience this thrilling ride as we Drive You Wild!