Professional 4×4 Off-Road Driver Training  

Our 4×4 professional training courses comply with the HSE’s PUWER regulations which require employees to receive ‘adequate training’ on work-placed equipment.  We cover subjects such as; different types of 4WD systems and their mechanical complexities, under bonnet checks, route planning, health & safety issues and risk assessment.  These courses specialize in the ‘professional training’ of anyone using four wheel drive vehicles in the work-place.

Professional Off-Road Winch Operator Training 

Coming Soon !

Professional 4×4 Integrated Training & Assessment.

Does your company have experienced off-road drivers in the work-place? Would you prefer Integrated training & assessment?  Increase your company standards by having staff who are proficient in off road driving techniques & skills. Vehicle sympathy, risk management, route planning & all-important vehicle checks prior to taking a 4×4 off-road can help reduce costs & lessen the risk of an accident in the work-place! These are pass or fail courses & ideally take place in the 4×4 vehicle normally driven at work. For more information or quotation regarding any of our training courses please call 01594 834666 or  

Professional Training


The demand for employees to be certificated, complying with PUWER; Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations, requires nationally recognised off-road instructors to supply your training. Whitecliff Off Road Centre has BORDA qualified instructor & assessor to train your staff on a professional level.

Attendees need to show they have improved knowledge & understanding, with the skill and attitude to remain safe whilst negotiating off-road conditions.


We can advise you with the most appropriate level of training, based on the individual or company needs, the type of terrain driven & the off-road vehicle used at work. For more information please call 01594 834666 or email  


Be Prepared

Depending on the weather, It may be muddy, wet and cold so please come prepared. You will be required to bring your driving licence, your lunch, relevant outdoor clothing, PPE and footwear. Training goes ahead in most weather conditions, but heavy snow may cause postponement.

Winching (3)

Theory Then Practice

Theoretical and practical tasks will be completed during the course with the guidance and support of your instructor. Please bring the 4X4 vehicle you use for work together with it’s handbook or manual (if available) showing it’s 4WD operating system. NB: Should have at least three seats.



A certificate of attendance will be issued once trainees have gained improved knowledge, understanding & can demonstrate how to reduce the risks involved when using a 4×4 vehicle off-road. Primarily courses are run under Borda Codes Of Practice. But for budget flexibility we also run our own PUWER training courses.