4X4 Owner Driver: Discover your vehicles capabilities in a safe but challenging environment. 


Understanding your vehicles full capabilities

NB: These are NOT Pay & Play Days. Drivers will have an instructor with them at all times.

Our aim is to meet the needs of our clients who want to discover their own vehicle’s capabilities. We understand that familiarization of your vehicle is especially important if you are contemplating taking it off-road in the future.

For the beginner we offer either, a half day (Stage One) or full day (Stage Two) course, with clients driving their own 4×4’s in our safe, but challenging environment. NB: If your vehicle does not have low range, or is LWB please book a Stage One. You can discuss upgrading to the full day when on the course.

For those who want a little more from their day & have some off-road experience, we have our Stage Three Owner Driver Course – see below.

For more information please call 01594 834666

Course Prices

Non-damaging driving techniques

The content of these courses will follow the same format as the introductory or Advanced Course, with the emphasis on non-damaging driving techniques.

You can expect the same level of expertise, instruction and challenging terrain to negotiate.

Please Note: Your vehicle may not be insured for ‘Off Highway Use’.


Within safety limitations

There may be areas on our site where you would prefer not take your vehicle, don’t worry, you don’t have to because the emphasis of our owner driver courses is to allow you to find the safe limitations of your vehicle without putting yourself, or that vehicle at risk.

We encourage a responsible attitude to off-road driving and emphasise the important fact, that your vehicle has to get you home at the end of the course!

Please Note: If you own a LWB vehicle, call us for advice before booking

110 River Crossing in Malawi

Stage three course for the adventurer

An ideal course for anyone venturing overland on an expedition, or considering off-road driving competitively or green-lane trips. A full day, tailored to your own requirements and expectations.

We include off-road driving techniques, understanding your own individual vehicle’s 4WD system and how to get the best from any traction aids which may be fitted. Then if required move onto recovery techniques using equipment you may own or are likely to purchase, such as, strops and shackles, ropes, high-lift jacks or bridging ladders.

This course can be adapted to individual requirements.

Please Note: Not suitable for the novice off-roader.