1:1 Junior Off-Road Courses – For 14 to 17 yrs And Over. 

Provisional licenced drivers over 17 are also welcome to book this 1:1 course.
Experience the techniques required to control a 4×4 vehicle off-road in a safe environment. Some previous driving experience recommended – see below for more info. We run these pre-booked courses on either a morning or afternoon depending on availability; please allow for up to two & a half hours at our premises. Lunch is not included, so please bring any snacks required.

Parent and Junior Off-Road Course

An exclusive off-road experience for the junior and one parent to both drive. You’ll both experience off-road driving as you take it in turns to drive one of our 4×4’s, NB: Juniors on this course must have driving experience of gears & clutch control.

More Info – Learn In A Safe Environment

Juniors have a vehicle/instructor to themselves as they experience undulating, slippery terrain in one of our manual-geared 4×4’s. Learn how to plan a route to successfully tackle slippery inclines /declines, ditches, ridges & ruts.

Courses are tailored to the juniors ability; those who’ve had clutch, gears & steering practice will progress further. Juniors unfamiliar with vehicle controls will practice on basic terrain until they’re safe to tackle the off-road sections.

Minimum height restriction – 5ft tall. NB: Off-road driving techniques have no relevance to driving on-the-road. We do not teach juniors how to drive. One parent/ guardian will be able to spectate during the off-road experience.

For Prices per person Click below Or or more information call us on: 01594 834666

Course Prices

Off-Road Passenger Ride – For The Young 4×4 Enthusiast. 

Ideal for those not old enough to attend the junior driving experience, this passenger ride is best described as ‘adrenalin at 5MPH’.  A qualified off-road instructor will chauffeur passengers up and down steep slopes, over blind crests, through mud & water (weather permitting) along side slopes and in challenging areas not even driven by Advanced course participants.

Safety at all times, if the youngster requires a booster seat on-road, it will need to be used in our off-road vehicle. NB: Isofix not available.

Vehicle used will be one of our Land Rovers & may not be the one in the picture if rear-seat passengers are also booked.

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Course Prices