1:1 Junior Off-Road Courses – For 14 to 17 yrs.

Juniors experience the techniques required to control a 4×4 vehicle off-road in a safe environment with their very own instructor with them every step of the way. To get the most out of the experience ideally juniors should have had some basic driving practice (clutch control, steering, changing gear). Those with no driving practice can also book, but may not progress as far.  We run these pre-booked courses on either a morning or afternoon depending on availability; please allow for up to two & a half hours at our premises. Lunch is not included, so please bring any snacks required.

Parent and Junior Off-Road Course

Exclusively for the junior and one parent to both drive. You will share a vehicle/instructor and both experience off-road driving for the first time. NB: Juniors on this course must have basic driving experience.

Learning in a safe environment

Juniors learn how to negotiate undulating, terrain in one of our 4×4’s, they’ll experience how to tackle slippery inclines and declines and in some situations they’ll have to stop, think and work out how to successfully cross the obstacle.

They will have an instructor & vehicle to themselves; this will allow for more driving time for juniors who have previous practice using a vehicle. Also for those who are unfamiliar with vehicle controls to gain from more individual driving time & practice before negotiating the slippery terrain.

Minimum height restriction – no less than 5ft tall. NB: Vehicles used have manual gears only, therefore juniors who have received some clutch control practice will be able to progress further on the course. NB:Off-road vehicle control techniques have no relevance to driving on-the-road. We do not teach juniors how to drive. A maximum of two parents/guardians will be able to spectate during the off-road experience.

Prices quoted will be per person. (Instructor is DBS checked)  For more information call us on: 01594 834666

Course Prices

Off-Road Passenger Ride – For The Young 4×4 Enthusiast. 

Ideal for those not old enough to attend the junior driving experience, this passenger ride is best described as ‘adrenalin at 5MPH’.  A qualified off-road instructor will chauffeur passengers up and down steep slopes, over blind crests, through mud & water (weather permitting) along side slopes and in challenging areas not even driven by Advanced course participants.

Safety at all times, if the youngster requires a booster seat on-road, it will need to be used in our off-road vehicle. NB: Isofix not available.

Vehicle used will be one of our Land Rovers & may not be the one in the picture if rear-seat passengers are also booked.

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Course Prices