4×4 Advanced: for the ambitious beginner or those with some off-road experience.

Ideal for those who want to discover recreational off-roading to its full potential. This full day off-road experience starts with our Introductory course in the morning before progressing onto more challenging sections after lunch.  NB: Full driving licence required.

NB: 1:1 Advanced courses also available.

A full day 1:1 course which gives participants much more off-road driving practice.

Adv4x4 (2)

The Screamer, Muddy Ruts & Oblivion!

The experience & knowledge gained during the morning allows even a novice to off-road driving to book our full day advanced course. Once lunch is finished, we return to the site, where you’ll be tackling more advanced sections with obstacles that will test the vehicle limits & your driving abilities. This will include a practice of failed ascent procedure, negotiating cross ruts, steeper inclines & declines, muddy ground & weather permitting – water.

The ground is very demanding but the techniques learnt during the course will give you the ability to drive 4×4 vehicles off road safely & confidently. You’ll finish up on some of our black runs such as ‘The Gully’, ‘Screamer’ and ‘Oblivion’.

The 1:1 course allows for a tailored off-road experience; this full day is based on individuals own ability where drivers may be able to tackle our steepest banks. Buy Gift Voucher 
A 2:1 experience can also be booked.
For more information please call 01594 834666
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Descending; low range, low gear….however, on slippery terrain there’s always a risk of sliding.  Did you know that if the vehicle starts to lose traction & slides on a steep decline, gentle acceleration can give you back control.


Muddy Ruts

Don’t get stuck in a rut !  Avoid if possible & if not then try to straddle a rut or pack the ruts to lessen the depth & gain ground clearance & avoid contact or damage underneath the vehicle.


Cross Axle

Loss of traction due to crossed axles, how to avoid them and how to get out of them. There’s no traction control on our vehicles, so think about your route rather than relying on the electronics.